The well equipped air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms and showers are designed and arranged to suit your own comfort. It comes in two (2) presentations to choose from. The studio type rooms for loving couples and the semi-furnished rooms that can occupy one big family or a group.

There are also different types of nipa huts, cottages, canopies and tables available for customers' needs at reasonable prices.

A Grand Pavilion - Complete with chairs, tales, a podium and other partying materials- is open for reservation, this is exclusively designed for special occasions that would require a bigger venue and can accomodate a considerable number of participants such as wedding, debut, birthday parties or even seminars. Santized and properly ventilated rest rooms, shower rooms, and pantries are strategically placed all around the resorts.

Adding more exitements and pleasantry are the stories kiosks and videoke stands with their respectively friendly service crew who are more than willing to offer services to every customer during their entire stay- are likewise install and located on various parts of the compound.

Clean and portable water is supplied on a 24 hour service and a generator is on a stand by for emergency purposes in case of a power failure. Spacious parking lot is provided for free to all motorist that would check-in or just simply want to inquire for booking or reservations.


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